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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


In photo above, Mayor Koch (L) and David Randolph (R) are seen on Sept. 21, 1986 at Gracie Mansion. Photo by Susan Rymshaw, courtesy of Mayor Koch

Ed Koch was a great listener and that is why he was a great leader,” said David Randolph, minister of Christ United Methodist Church during Koch’s tenure. “When he asked, how am I doing? He listened to your answer,” adds Dr. Randolph who now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he hosts the New Way Media Fest. Dr. Randolph, who received his PhD from Boston University and taught at Drew University in New Jersey, cites his visit to Gracie Mansion in 1986 when he spoke about the problem of drugs in the city.  Mayor Koch listened to religious leaders and with Cardinal O’Connor and others formed an interfaith force to deal with the drug problem on which Randolph served. This expanded into action that helped lay the foundation of the transformation of the city from the crime and chaos of that time. Randolph recalls that the United Methodist City Society of the New York Annual Conference played an important role then with John Carrington as Director as it as it does now with William Shilladay as Director. Randolph’s sermon “New Heaven, New Earth, New York” along with other sermons preached at the time is included in his book “Credit Card Christ” published recently and available at More will be added on Mayor Koch, Joey Adams and others who helped make the new New York in Randolph's forthcoming autobiographical work, "The Great Parade."

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