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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Save Albany Hill

Save Albany Hill

© by David James Randolph, Albany resident, at Albany United Methodist Church, January 22, 2012 in his sermon “Credit Card Christ” (available from Amazon March 2012).

Photograph of Monarch Butterfly at Albany Hill by Jef Poskanzer

Our community is facing a major choice right now as the City Council begins plans to put a cell tower for wireless communications on public property, including Albany Hill, in return for money. Will we allow the monarch businesses to crush the monarch butterflies? We will serve the God of mammon or the God of creation. Putting a cell tower on Albany Hill is like crucifying nature for a handful of silver. It is Albany Hill beauty or corporation profit, and we the people must cry out, “Save Albany Hill!”

If not, we will have sold out the last green hill on the coast of the East Bay for a fistful of dollars. This is a question of values: is money more important than our environment? Will we sacrifice beauty for bounty? Putting a cell tower on Albany Hill will drive a stake through the heart of our community. This must not happen. We must end the effort to destroy Albany Hill before it destroys us. To our city council, to ATT and anyone else who wants to put a cell tower on Albany Hill, we the people of Albany say “No! Save Albany Hill!”

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