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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


(For September 11, 2011)

Words by David James Randolph Copyright 2011
Music: U.M. Hymnal Tune  # 95, Doxology Old 100 Hundredth
 Or Tallis Canon (682)
 Or  UM Hymnal 643 Trad. English Melody “The Water is Wide”

O God like Father and like Mother
We give you thanks for sister, brother.
May we of every place and nation
Be stewards of your good creation.

We give you thanks in everything
In summer, autumn, winter, spring.
In all our nights, and all our days,
We offer you our thanks and praise.

We give you thanks for your dear son
Who offers life to every one.
When we drink and when we eat,
In his real presence may we meet.

Our prayers to you will never cease
Till all the world shall be at peace.
Turn us from our pride and from our greed
To share our wealth with those in need.

In the dark time of our terrors,
Save us from more hateful errors.
May we find light and pass it on
To be true children of the dawn.

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