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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is your Hope? Fear? Action? Faith?

Click below to see our film "On the Way After 9/11" now on youtube

Patriot Sunday

Patriot Sunday is the Sunday on or just before September 11, relating to the USA national holiday of Patriot Day on September 11 commemorating the events of 9/11/2001 and after. Patriot Sunday is a day of worship, education and activity which explores lessons learned from these and related events which contribute to the improvement of life locally, nationally and globally. The contribution of the first responder emergency workers who raced into buildings to help as others ran to safety and the Chaplains, pastors and churches that first responded are examples of these lessons which deserve further celebration and study.

Patriot Sunday is a time of looking forward to improving our lives by addressing four basic question as Americans:
1. What do we hope for?
2. What are we afraid of?
3. What can we do to overcome our fears and fulfill our hopes?
4. How does my faith help?

We have been exploring these issues at the Albany United Methodist Church and elsewhere since 2001. Now Pastor Sam Park and David Randolph invite others to join us in deepening and broadening our exploration and help pastors, worship leaders, educators and community leaders to prepare and present more faithfully and dynamically.

We do this by sharing events, publications, films, internet and other media.
Events include Patriot Sunday at Albany United Methodist Church on 9/11/11 with worship, special music and art and fellowship. Also Dr. Randolph will present 9/11/11 Art & Faith concerns when he is the Guest Preacher at Chapel at Patten University in Oakland on 9/7/11.

Resources for pastors, worship leaders, and educators now in print and available from include these volumes written or edited by David James Randolph (Go to and Search Books. Type in quotation marks "david james randolph"): 

“On the Way After 9/11: New Worship and Art”: Worship material, discussion guides, etc.
“Candles in the Dark: Flames for the Future”: Sermons and poems on peace and justice.
“Renewal of Preaching in the 21st Century”: A guide to sermon preparation especially for controversial issues. “More Candles in the Dark: Going from Heartbreak to Healing” caring for persons pastorally and publicly. For more about us go to and We welcome your comments here and at our other blogs.

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